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Look what is back again. 😎

First look at THR’s #comiccon portfolio, check out all the photos in tomorrow’s issue. #nathanfillion as #captainkirk photograph by @miss_ramona illustration by R. Kikuo Johnson (x)

Happy Little Pill - Troye Sivan

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Happy Little Pill- Troye Sivan

“And if there is something I’ve got in spades, ladies and gentlemen, it’s bootay.

I said, “Guys, we have nothing but lighting guys here. Let’s get the creepiest looking one and put him outside the window.” So we did. 

Castle x Beckett + an amazing season 6   "Deep Cover"

“I keep making the mistake of thinking he’s family. But he’s not. You are.


 castle jr 

-by E


Forever loving this.

Castle x Beckett + an amazing season 6   "Under Fire"

Pick a date for my wedding? I was planning on bringing her.

Really? When is that? I might have plans.

detectivebecks asked: I agree with anon, you are actually so damn gorgeous, congrats on your face

Oh dear, stop it!! 😘😘😘

Anonymous asked: You're so pretty.

Wow, that’s something i rarely get. You’re so sweet, thank you! <3 I bet you’re prettier though. ;)